About Us

This web site was built by Internet Entrepreneurs for Internet Entrepreneurs.

Our intent is to deliver expert advice on various Internet, Technology, Business, and Money related matters that will benefit you and your online ventures.

We are professional Internet and Technology Consultants who are in the cyber-trenches every day and have over a quarter century of priceless experience to share.  Some of the articles we’ve posted are merely news stories from the AP, and other news sources, that we found interesting enough to re-post (in case you missed them the first time) and these are available for free.  But the majority of articles on this web site are valuable works of knowledge begotten from paid consulting projects that became lucrative investments for the clients who commissioned them.  These are never seen before articles that only our subscribers can read.

We do not divulge any trade company secrets here but, when we create a profitable online business model or design a successful SEO strategy, we do explain the work so our subscribers can learn, develop, and implement it for themselves.  R&D takes a lot of time and money, trial and error, usually at the expense of the developers.  Any good How-To Book is not written by the author to be given away for free, and neither are the informative consulting articles we publish containing sound and accurate advice.

Considering the fact most experienced Internet and Technology Consultants charge over $100/hour, we charge a small ANNUAL fee of $99 $49 for full access to our latest articles and historical archives.  We believe this is a small price to pay for expert advice that will help you make good money online.

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